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Marketing speak to Avoid when you Create Website Content

I was getting ready to write a short article on the misuse of marketing-speak when I ran across this great article.

I suggest you copy and paste the link and read it. I would like to add a few more of my pet peeve phrases. Some are not all that horrible if used properly, but you had better do something to back them up or they are useless. In fact, if not used properly, they are not accepted as accurate. Worse in fact, a recent study of marketing-speak phrases indicated that the readers – people just like you and me – saw a credibility problem with those who use them. Marketing speak can cause you to strike out with a prospective client before you can say “we are the premier provider of services” in Hampton Roads.

global leader – Really? Prove it.
robust solutions – By what standards?
innovative solutions – Wait! I would rather have something old and outdated.
wide ranging support – Means what exactly?
full service – As opposed to . . . . half service.
we will work with you – No! You are kidding me!
standard base design methods – What does that mean?
we’re here to accommodate your needs – You had better
we do a needs-based analysis – Have heard that 1000 times
we provide custom solutions – Really? How unique of you!

I understand that some of these, when used properly, can tell a good story. However, all too often, they are left to stand alone. When that happens, they do nothing. In fact, they are a turn off.

Today, more than ever before, we are looking for simple and direct communications. Tell us exactly why we should pay attention to you and we will. Hide it in industry jargon or buzz words and we will tune you out quickly.

I love Jeff Haden’s “myriad solutions”. He explained it by saying “we will do anything you will pay us for”.

If your Website is full of unsubstantiated marketing speak, you need my help because you probably have a credibility problem already.

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  • James Webb Jones · August 25, 2011 at 12:35 pm

    Good advice, Mr. Turner — I am learning some valuable techniques from you — and appreciate your expertise!

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